ATTIC DC Furniture

Vintage, locally designed and unique fashion from stores of DC, Baltimore, Maryland and Virginia

    Vintage Round House Overalls / Small Overalls / Vintage Denim Overalls / Vintage Workwear / Denim Workwear / Overalls Small by milkandice
    Exotic colors African Ankara head wrap, also doubles as a shawl, 100% Cotton, African head wrap by PriscArts
    Vintage 90s Cheetah + Floral Midi Skirt w/ Belt by SpeakVintageDC
    vintage 70s butterfly print dress | Maurice for BERGDORF GOODMAN polyester long sleeve dress with belt | monarch novelty print dress by LosGitanosVintage
    70s maxi dress | grecian goddess disco gown | sleeveless empire waist dress by LosGitanosVintage
    Valdimontone Pant
    Solid Gold Scarab Mini Charms, Vintage Scarab, Gemstones, Carnelian, Banded Agate, 14k, 18k, Yellow Gold, 60s, 40s, 50s, Egyptian Revival by EmilyMarquisDesigns
    Vintage 70's Gray Feather Nylon Button Up Blouse / 1970's Pointed Collar Novelty Print Top / Disco / Feathers / Women's Size Small - Medium by RubyThreadsVintage
    Vintage 90's Calvin Klein Blue Denim A-Line Skirt / 1990's CK Jean Skirt / Pockets / Knee Length / Women's Size Small / 25-26" Waist by RubyThreadsVintage
    Vintage 70's Black and White Polka Dot Dress / 1970's Poly Jersey Dress / Puff Sleeve / Women's Size Medium - Large by RubyThreadsVintage
    Corona Salt & Pepper Shield Diamond Engagement Ring
    Astrid Gray Pentagon Rose Cut Diamond Ring
    Gemma Teal and Peach Sapphire Two Stone Engagement Ring
    Vintage 80s Purple + Pink Madras Cap by SpeakVintageDC
    Vintage 90s DKNY Black Linen Blazer/ 1990s Minimalist Collarless Sleek Jacket/ Size Large 10 by bottleofbread
    14 K Onyx Modernist Necklace by LegendaryBeast
    Vintage 80s Pink Madras Plaid Baseball Cap by SpeakVintageDC
    Natalia Bag
    Museo Dress
    Leonidas Top
    Lenna Top
    Adeline Pant
    Sabina Vest
    Bella Apricot Sapphire Diamond Cluster Engagement Ring
    Bella Salt & Pepper Rose Cut Oval Diamond Cluster Engagement Ring
    6mm Birch Band
    4mm Birch Band
    2mm Birch Band
    Vintage 40s White Linen Jacket with Cut Shell Buttons/ 1940s Suit Blazer Light Summer Jacket/ Size Medium by bottleofbread
    Misstani Bag
    Sandor Sterling Enamel Rhinestone Flower Brooch by LegendaryBeast
    1940s Bal-Ron 12K Gold Filled Crystal Flower Brooch by LegendaryBeast
    Vintage 80s KENZO Navy Blue Suit/ 1980s Pant Suit/ High Waisted Tapered Trousers/ Corset Style Blazer/ Size Small Medium by bottleofbread
    Harry Iskin H I Sterling Vermeil Amethyst Crystal Flower Brooch by LegendaryBeast
    Art Deco Bevelled Amethyst Crystal Vermeil Flower Brooch by LegendaryBeast
    Gold Filled over Sterling Flower Brooch with Dangle Locket by LegendaryBeast
    Red Evening Gown / Vintage Evening Gown / Beaded Gown / Long Velour Dress / Long Velvet Dress by milkandice
    Antique Framed Portrait Brooch by LegendaryBeast
    Flush Diamond Band
    4mm White Gold Flat Wedding Band
    4mm Rose Gold Flat Wedding Band
    4mm Yellow Gold Flat Wedding Band
    6mm White Gold Flat Wedding Band
    6mm Yellow Gold Flat Wedding Band
    6mm Rose Gold Wedding Band
    Rebeller Sunglasses
    Road Trip Sunglasses
    Vintage Cloak / Long Velvet Coat / Blue Velvet Coat / Evening Coat / 1930s Blue Velvet Coat / Vintage Evening Winter Coat / Heavy Coat by milkandice
    Vintage 80s Mauve Rain Jacket by SpeakVintageDC
    vintage 70s MISS ELLIETTE maxi dress | long sleeve chiffon cocktail gown by LosGitanosVintage
    Rainbow Hoops- 14k goldfill rainbow corundum drops sapphires and rubies by RachelPfefferDesigns
    Fleur Carved Ring - Everyday Wedding Band Flora Floral Stacker Sculptural Gold Platinum Silver Half Round Traditional (READY TO SHIP) by EmilyMarquisDesigns
    Dior Coated Canvas Tote
    Gucci Black Purse
    Balenciaga Lambskin Purse
    Michael Kors Collection Kiki Purse
    Ted Baker Floral Tote
    Vintage 90s CHANEL Olive Green Skirt/ Chanel Identification Pleated Skirt/ size small 26 by bottleofbread
    Edwardian French Cotton Chore Shirt Blouse // 1910s 20s White Lounge Kaftan Long Sleeve Shift // XS Petite by banjocatvintage
    50s 60s French Workwear Jumpsuit Darned Coveralls // Patched Traditional Sanfordized Cotton Bleu de Travail Indigo Overalls // L XL XXL by banjocatvintage
    70s Platform Shoes Wooden White Open Toed Leather Sandals // Disco Flatform Wedge Heels Sky High Clog Hippie Summer // by banjocatvintage
    70s 80s French Workwear Jumpsuit Coveralls // Traditional Sanfordized Cotton Bleu de Travail Indigo Overalls // M by banjocatvintage
    Vintage 90s Safari Silk Anna and Frank Top| 1990s Blouse| Short Sleeve Button Down Silk Top Size Small| 100% Silk Blouse by LoveOnceAgain
    Vintage Designer Simon Chang 1980s Tapestry Jacket| 1980s Unisex Jacket| 80s Strong Shoulder Wrap Jacket by LoveOnceAgain
    Vintage 1980s Acid Wash Jordache Denim Blue Skirt| 1980s 80s acid wash Skirt| Vintage Denim by LoveOnceAgain
    Victorian Gold Filled Black Onyx Pendant on Brass Chain by LegendaryBeast
    Red, White and Blue Pop Art style Vera Scarf, womens large square scarf, bright colored sun scarf by ShopTheHyphenate
    Small Pastel Shawl / Victorian Silk Scarf / Fringed Scarf / Striped Scarf / Silk Scarf / Bohemian Scarf / Bohemian Shawl by milkandice
    Pale Pink Cocktail Dress / 1920s Inspired Dress / Drop Waist Dress / Blush Cocktail Dress / 80s does the 20s / Longsleeve Cocktail Dress by milkandice
    Vintage Echo Cotton Scarf with Bicycles, red cotton bandana 26" square, festival scarf, headscarf, bike gifts, biker bandana by ShopTheHyphenate
    Vintage 40s Chocolate Brown Fishnet Cut Out Pumps/ 1940s Suede and Satin Round Toe High Heels/ Pinup/ Wedding/ Size 7.5 by bottleofbread
    Psychedelic Print Scarf by Burmel - lime green, orange, pink and white painterly style stripes, rayon and silk, made in japan by ShopTheHyphenate
    Vintage 90s Leather Western Mules with Stacked Wooden Heel/ 1990s Bebe Pointed Toe Slip On Block Heel Shoes/ Size 7 by bottleofbread
    1960s Vintage Dress Flowers Psychedelic size 16 Mod retro by BrainWashington
    Vintage 70s Sheer Wrap Blouse with Balloon Sleeves/ 1970s Black See Through Tie Front Crop Top/ Size S-L by bottleofbread
    Small Floral Shawl / Small Victorian Silk Scarf / Fringed Scarf / Floral Scarf / Silk Scarf / Bohemian Scarf / Bohemian Shawl by milkandice
    Vintage 1980s 80s Paisley Print Silky Secretary Dress| Vintage Ann Kirk Dress by LoveOnceAgain
    Vintage 80s Russ Red and White Blouse| Vintage Blouse|  Button Down Short Sleeve Top| 1980s Shirt by LoveOnceAgain
    Antique Large Victorian Locket on Chain by LegendaryBeast
    Antique Victorian Brass Chain Necklace by LegendaryBeast
    Antique Victorian Brass Bead Ball Necklace by LegendaryBeast
    Vintage Blue and White Floral Scarf, mod flower power scarf in silk and rayon from Sally Gee, japanese silk scarf by ShopTheHyphenate
    Vintage 70s Compact Video Systems Rayon Jersey/ 1970s 1980s Striped Mason Athletic Wear Blue T Shirt/ Size XS by bottleofbread
    1950s Mr. Josef Thick Cotton Dress Work Uniform Nurse Pristine by BrainWashington
    Vintage 80s Backless Color Block Blazer Jacket/ 1980s Avant Garde Alyn Paige Red White Black Double Breasted Blazer/ Size Small Medium by bottleofbread
    Vintage Turkish Leather Shoes with Curled Toe/ Genie Style Pointed Slip On Flats/ Size 7 by bottleofbread
    Vintage 80s Escada Blue Suede Pumps with Carved Silver Heel/ 1980s Italian Glove Shoe Heels/Navy Blue/Bridal Wedding/ Size 7 by bottleofbread
    Vintage 50s Studded Boudoir Slippers with Curled Toe/ 1950s Black Velvet Slip On Shoes/ Oomphies/ Size 7 by bottleofbread
    Vintage Turkish Kilim Slip On Shoes/ Colorful Flat Weave Rug Slides/ Size 5.5 6 by bottleofbread
    Large Aurora Rhinestone Japanned Clip on Earrings by LegendaryBeast
    Andre Claude Canova Silk Scarf - jewel tone aztec design, Soleil Sacré - sacred sun pattern by ShopTheHyphenate
    Vintage Liberty of London Silk Scarf - trees and animals on cream background, large 34" square scarf by ShopTheHyphenate
    Vintage Equestrian Scarf, square silk scarf in sage green and brown by ShopTheHyphenate
    Vintage Italian Silk Scarf by Vittorio - green geometric scarf with yellow and red, 34" square by ShopTheHyphenate
    Oversized Silk Scarf from Pierre Cardin Paris - orange, red and grey with busy graphic pattern by ShopTheHyphenate
    Vintage Liberty of London Silk Scarf, navy blue geometric scarf, 26" square large wrap scarf by ShopTheHyphenate
    Vintage Liberty of London Scarf, black red and gold traditional foulard pattern 22" x 22" by ShopTheHyphenate
    Pink and Orange Ice Cream Cone and Rainbow Scarf by Vera Neumann by ShopTheHyphenate
    Columbia Top