Washington DC’s Best Midcentury Modern Vintage Furniture Stores

Long before AMC’s Mad Men exposed it to new fans, sleek midcentury modern (MCM) furniture captured the attention of the stylish and made its way into tens of thousands of homes. In fact, it’s so popular that there are entire stores dedicated to the style of furniture in DC, Maryland, and Virginia. So if you’re one of its fans — new or old — read on to learn about the best stores the area has to offer. Regardless of your budget or where in the DMV you reside, we’ll give you a run down on the speciality stores and a few hidden bonuses that you may have missed.

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New Store: Agent Upcycle of Baltimore

Over the past two years, we’ve seen the departing of many great vintage stores including Off the Beaten Track Warehouse, Hunted House and Millennium. So given those losses, it’s great to report on a new store that recently opened and is included on ATTIC — Agent Upcycle of Catonsville / Baltimore.

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District Dressed: Washington DC Women’s Boutiques You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

The District has its own sense of style, influenced by professionals that come from all over the world. DC’s style reflects metropolitan sensibilities with inspirations similar to those of other East Coast cities like New York as well as those from the West Coast like Los Angeles. That style sits alongside and more often than not is infused with traditional clothing aesthetics and classic americana. And DC’s hyper international and cosmopolitan nature ensures vibrancy with stylistic components inspired by and imported from Europe, Africa, South America, Asia and nearly every other point on the globe. As a first introduction to DC’s fashion scene, check out our list of seven DC area women’s clothing boutiques that you won’t find anywhere else. 

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New Store: Nomad Yard Collectiv

Nomad Yard Collectiv, located in a wonderfully decorated space on New York Ave NE in NOMA, is now listing vintage furniture on ATTIC. Their goods include a blend of vintage industrial and retro furniture, as well as some nicely redone and reimagined vintage pieces. Specifically, they offer some Anthropologie-esque vintage sofas and love seats that have been reupholstered in contemporary fabrics and patterns. Check out their recent inventory and keep an eye on our Browse page for their latest.

Where to Find Affordable, Good Quality and Unique Furniture in the Washington DC area

The notions of “affordable” and “good quality” might be viewed as subjective, and what we’re referring to as “unique” is a bit broader than a pure literal interpretation. So let’s start by clarifying what we mean.

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