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A marketplace dedicated to featuring products from the best vintage, antique, used and consignment furniture stores, home furnishing stores and local clothing boutiques.

Welcome shop keepers! We hope the following information will answer your questions. For additional questions and information, please drop us a line at [email protected]

A gal saw a photo of a vanity and stool on ATTIC and came in and bought 3 pieces of furniture! Shop Owner. Washington DC
Just wanted to tell you that I sold two dressers below through Attic recently. Shop Owner. Washington DC
I wanted to thank you for featuring the chest. It actually sold within 24 hours to an ATTIC DC follower! Furniture Dealer. Falls Church, VA
ATTIC, you deserve a "matchmaker" award for helping many of the DMV's lovers of vintage find their perfect piece. Shop Owner. Washington DC
I just sold my first piece through Attic! Thanks to you! Shop Owner. Wheaton, MD
A recent customer found my furniture through your website. Many thanks for your efforts in the DC metro area! Furniture Designer. Reston, VA
What is ATTIC?

ATTIC is the largest collection of local, independent furniture retailers in Washington DC, Virginia and Maryland. Since our launch in June 2015, ATTIC has hosted more than 100,000 visits. We are also one of the most highly ranked sites on Google for a wide range of relevant, local searches. We provide a one-stop discovery tool for consumers looking to see the range of area offerings and start their furniture hunt.

How can I list my shop and my products on ATTIC?

We know you're busy. That's why we built our entire platform around leveraging your existing online activity. To learn how and be considered, please complete our (very) short application.

Store/Dealer Application

What does it cost to be listed on ATTIC?

Our core indexing service is 100% free. To be considered, please complete our short application. For improved branding, visibility and several other perks, we offer ATTIC Premium.

Upgrade to ATTIC Premium

Do you accept any store? What about products from individuals?

We understand that there are a wide variety of consumers with a wide variety of interests and tastes. However, we are trying to produce what we think is a better alternative to shopping on Craigslist and other existing websites. To that end, we'll consider established and new stores, but we'll be looking for a certain level of quality and character in your product. Please send us an email with some product samples to start the consideration process.

How do you determine your ATTIC Picks?

ATTIC Picks are products that we particularly like. Want to have one of your items featured? Here's what we look for:

  • Quality of the product photo
  • Originality/novelty of the product
  • Item quality/condition and price/value

As a sign of appreciation, we also give preference to stores that have subscribed to our premium program. And sometimes it's just our mood! It's not a science. We typically select a total of two or three items per week.

How do I remove items that are no longer available?

The purpose of ATTIC is to show users the regularly changing inventory of vintage, consignment and used furniture stores around DC. We try to make it clear that pieces may be one of a kind and sell quickly. We note in various places that some items, especially older ones, may no longer be available. If this causes any issues for you (such as too many phone calls about a sold item), we'll happily mark an item or items as "SOLD". Please just send us the ATTIC link to the item or a photo of the item. Otherwise, we'll leave your items up on ATTIC until you post enough new ones to "kick" the older ones off.

Do you have any requirements, limitations or suggestions regarding the photography of items for ATTIC?

Our data shows that items with the best photography (e.g, higher resolution, well composed, staged) perform the best in terms of clicks and user interest. We encourage you to use a modern camera or smartphone to achieve the best results. Here is a checklist of other things to consider for your photographs:

  • Is the photo at least 375 pixels wide? Most modern cameras and smartphones provide the sufficient resolution to meet this requirement.
  • Does the photo capture the entire piece? Note that our main Just Arrived page displays photos in a square aspect ratio (375px by 375px).
  • For items that are especially wide or tall (e.g., credenzas, lamps), keep our square aspect ratio in mind. You may want frame your photo such that it captures additional space around the item. Items will appear in their original aspect ratio without cropping on the individual product page.
Square aspect ratio as item would appear on ATTIC's main page.
Original aspect ratio as item would appear on item page.

  • Is the item centered and level? Using a tripod might help depending on your space/situation.
  • Is the space around and behind the item free of distraction and clutter?
  • Does the photo background help showcase the piece? Shooting your items against a simple wall can be accomplished in most spaces.

Please view this checklist as a set of suggestions, not as absolute rules. We encourage your creativity and the development of your own style.

We also understand that space restrictions, inventory intake and other realities of your business don't always make for the perfect photoshoot. Still, a little window dressing can go a long way.

On a very limited basis, we may remove photos that do not meet our minimum requirements. For example, photos that do not focus on a single item, photos that do not capture the majority of the item and photos of insufficient resolution may be removed at the discretion of ATTIC's editors. Feel free to contact us if you have questions about the appropriateness of your photos or need additional suggestions.