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Baltimore, MD

Baltimore, MD

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Vintage 60s Black Patent Leather Mary Jane Shoes/ 1960s Deadstock Shiny Heels with Buckle/ Size 6 6.5 B by bottleofbread
Vintage 90s Faux Fur Trimmed Boots/ 1990s High Heel Brown Suede Ankle Boots with Front Seam/ Size 7 7.5 8 by bottleofbread
Vintage 90s Faux Fur Trimmed Boots/ 1990s High Heel Brown Suede Ankle Boots with Front Seam/ Size 7 7.5 8 by bottleofbread
Vintage 40s Grey Suede Pumps/ 1940s Cement Gray Low Side High Heel Shoes/ Size 8 by bottleofbread
Vintage 40s Brown Suede Peep toe Pumps/ 1940s Rosette Open Toe Heels/ Size 7 7.5 Narrow by bottleofbread
Vintage 90s Brown Suede Gove Heels/ 1990s Minimalist Leather Platform Shoes/ Joan and David/ size 7 by bottleofbread
Vintage 70s Leather Loafer Heels/1970s High Heeled Brouges/ Boho Hippie/ Size by bottleofbread
Vintage 40s White Leather Lace Up Oxfords/ 1940s Bone Ivory Brouge Heel Shoes/ Wedding Bridal/ Size 6 6.5 by bottleofbread
Vintage 90s Lavender Two Piece Linen Set/ 1990s Minimalist Trousers and High Cut Tunic / size XS by bottleofbread
Vintage 40s Crepe Rayon Dress/ 1940s Blue Periwinkle Dress with Patch Pockets/ size S by bottleofbread
Vintage 40s Ivory Silk and Lace Blouse/1940s Lace Appliqué Rhinestone Button Up Top/ size Large by bottleofbread
Vintage 40s Black Crochet Blouse/ 1940s Cap Sleeve Open Weave Sweater Top with Glass Buttons/ Size Small Medium by bottleofbread
Vintage 80s Patched Levi 501xx Denim/ USA Made Distressed 501 Jeans/ Size 33/34 by bottleofbread
Vintage 60s Black Fringe Romper/ 1960s Silver Trim Mod Costume/ Carwash Fringe/ xxs by bottleofbread
Vintage 70s Denim Jacket with Contrast  Stitching/ 1970s Dark Wash Jean Jacket Round Collar/ Size Medium Large 40 by bottleofbread
Vintage 90s Bootleg Bart Shirt/ 1990s Black Bart/ The Simpsons T Shirt Tank Top/Single Stitch/ Small by bottleofbread
1920s Black Silk Velvet Dress with Lace Cuffs and Rhinestone Belt/ 20s Long Sleeve Belted Dress/ Medium by bottleofbread
Vintage 50s Black Velvet Cap/ 1950s Pointed Vamp Fascinator Hat with Rhinestones/ Valerie Modes/Cocktail Hat by bottleofbread
Antique Edwardian Embroidered Blouse/ 1900s 1910s White Cotton Long Sleeve Blouse/ Size Small by bottleofbread
Vintage 60s Brown Tapered Trousers/ 1960s High Waisted Cigarette Pants/ size 25 by bottleofbread
Vintage 60s Pleated Drop Waist Dress/ 1960s Spaghetti Strap Micro Pleat Maxi Dress/ 20s Style Flapper/ Size Small by bottleofbread
Vintage 70s STUDDED Bell Bottom Denim/ 1970s Embroidered Jeans with Studs/ Stagewear Rock n Roll/Size 28 by bottleofbread
Vintage 70s Fox Fur Trim Black Velvet Gown/ Long Sleeve Winter Maxi Dress/ Fur lined Skirt/ Victor Cosa Romantica /Medium by bottleofbread