ATTIC DC Furniture

Denisa Piati Jewelry

Chinatown / Gallery Place - Washington, DC
923 F St. NW, Suite 301
Washington, DC 20004

Items from this Store

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Arame Hoops in Brass
Petite Komu Earrings in Brass
Large Oval Komu Earrings
Oval Komu Earrings
Dangle Komu Earrings
Komu Earrings
Petite Komu Earrings
Oval Komu Earrings in Brass
Oval Komu Necklace
Nori Hoops
Dangle and Oval Komu Earrings
Wakame Earrings in Brass
Wakame Earrings
Komu Necklace
Twisted Wrack Hoops
Sea Oak Necklace
Arame Hoops
Sculpture Seaweed Earrings
Tiered Cluster Earrings
Seaweed Garland Necklace
Cluster Pendant Necklace
Drop Pendant Necklace
Petite Seaweed Necklace