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Baltimore, MD

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Rare 1940s-50s Vintage Pinbacks WOLF and WOLFESS by GuermantesVintage
1930s Dress / 30s Liquid Gold Satin Gown by GuermantesVintage
Rare! Antique Scarab Beetle Necklace / REAL BEETLES! / Egyptian Revival / Antique Necklace / Victorian by GuermantesVintage
1920s Blouse / 20s Incredible Handmade Lace Whitework Top / Floral and Greek Key Motifs by GuermantesVintage
Victorian Two Piece Dress / 1900s Walking Suit / Printed Silk Bodice and Skirt Set by GuermantesVintage
RESERVED -- Rare Antique Boots / Gold Metallic Knee High Victorian Boots 1900s 1910s by GuermantesVintage
1940s Dress / 40s Novelty Print HOT PINK Columns Silk Dress / Zipper Sleeves! by GuermantesVintage
RARE 1920s Crocheted Doll / Mae West Handmade Doll / Sheer Silk Lingerie Clothes / AMAZING by GuermantesVintage
Rare 1930s Lamé Coat / 20s - 30s Teal Metallic Lamé and Silk Velvet Coat / Puffed Sleeves by GuermantesVintage
Rare!!! MADELEINE VIONNET Designer 1930s Dress / 30s Cream Day Dress/ Iconic Bias Cut / Amazing Construction by GuermantesVintage
Rare 1920s Chinese Lounge or Beach Pajamas /  20s 30s Chinoiserie ORANGE Silk Pants and Top Lounge Set / Wide Leg Summer Outfit by GuermantesVintage
1920s Dress / 20s Gray Silk Crepe Beaded Floral Dress / Plus Size Volup by GuermantesVintage
Rare! Pink Panther Zuni Ring / Native American Southwest ZUNITOON Inlaid Stone and Silver Ring / Carol Kee by GuermantesVintage
Antique Masonic Tunic/ Jacket / Robe / Red Velvet 1910s 1920s by GuermantesVintage
1930s Dress / 30s 40s Blue Silk Velvet Gown / Beaded Bows by GuermantesVintage
1920s Boudoir Pillow / Handmade Silk Velvet Pillow with Painted Doll Head! by GuermantesVintage
RESERVED --Rare! 1940s Lingerie Set / 40s WWII Novelty Bra Panties / Pale Green Satin / ZIPPER Crotch! / "Off Limits" "Sweet Sour Don't Touc by GuermantesVintage
Rare 1940s Dress / PARACHUTE SILK Embroidered Peasant Dress / Birds and Plants by GuermantesVintage
Rare 1910s Mirror / Edwardian Risque / Naughty Trick Purse Pocket Mirror / Erotic 1920s 20s by GuermantesVintage
RARE 1930s Bolero Jacket / CHINESE Embroidered Satin / Forbidden Stitch by GuermantesVintage
Rare! 1920s Dress / BLUE ASSUIT 20s Flapper Dress / Net and Hammered Metal / Egyptian Revival / Geometric / Shimmering by GuermantesVintage
1930s Lingerie Set / 20s 30s Silk Satin and Lace Bra and Tap Pants by GuermantesVintage
RARE! 1930s Costume / 20s - 30s Showgirl Burlesque Queen of Hearts Set /  1930s Stage Costume by GuermantesVintage