ATTIC DC Furniture

Kim Schalk

Alexandria, VA

Alexandria, VA

Items from this Store

Some items on this page may no longer be available. Please contact the store directly to verify availability. View the Just Arrived page for the latest items from all of ATTIC's stores.

Mona Van Seuss Dress - Gray
Calypso raincoat Black
Lenora Dress Olive
Lenora Dress Salt & pepper
Leanna Maxi - Gray
Leanna Maxi - Ink
Modular Dress - Olive
Modular Dress - Raisin
Modular Dress - Midnight
Modular Top - Olive
Modular Top - Raisin
Modular Top - Midnight
Johanne Vest - Salt and Pepper
Johanne Vest - Cream
Johanne Vest - Gray
Johanne Vest - Ink
Poseidon Skirt - Olive
Poseidon Skirt - Silver
Poseidon Skirt - Midnight
Poseidon Skirt - Raisin
Garbo Dress (Navy)
Rita Hayworth Short Sleeves (Black)
Romona Dress (Gray)