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vintage 70s butterfly print dress | Maurice for BERGDORF GOODMAN polyester long sleeve dress with belt | monarch novelty print dress by LosGitanosVintage
70s maxi dress | grecian goddess disco gown | sleeveless empire waist dress by LosGitanosVintage
vintage 70s MISS ELLIETTE maxi dress | long sleeve chiffon cocktail gown by LosGitanosVintage
vintage 70s floral mini dress | BLEEKER STREET  long sleeve black and white polka dot polyester dress with poofy sleeves by LosGitanosVintage
70s maxi dress | bohemian print sleeveless v-neck dress | party dress by LosGitanosVintage
80s CLAUDE MONTANA body con dress | lime green wiggle dress by LosGitanosVintage
vintage 60s high waisted knit capri pants | cropped bell bottom chocolate brown pants by LosGitanosVintage
vintage 60s dress | metallic lurex belted robe jacket with pockets by LosGitanosVintage
vintage 50s high waisted stirrup pants | cherry red side zip stretch leggings by LosGitanosVintage
RESERVED - rare vintage 50s FREDERICK'S of HOLLYWOOD dress | gold corduroy belted swing skirt maxi by LosGitanosVintage
vintage 60s mod maxi dress | FRANLIN SIMON polka dots and squares print collared zip front tent dress by LosGitanosVintage
vintage 70s floral and plaid print jumpsuit | wide leg polyester long sleeve jumper with necktie by LosGitanosVintage
vintage 70s disco maxi dress | ALISON AYERS Original polyester drape collar belted gown by LosGitanosVintage
vintage 80s silk blouse | floral print ruffle front high ruffle collar | long sleeve cuffed blouse by LosGitanosVintage
vintage 80s OLEG CASSINI silk military blouse | navy with gold lions head buttons | long sleeve button down blouse by LosGitanosVintage
vintage 80s silk blouse | JERRI SHERMAN leaf print ivory ruffled collar blouse with bow by LosGitanosVintage
RARE vintage 80s SAINT-CLAIR Paris 2pc set | color block top and high waist culottes by LosGitanosVintage
vintage 70s maxi dress and jacket | mock neck collared a-line dress with plaid gold lamé matching collared jacket by LosGitanosVintage
vintage 50s black dress | peter pan collar embroidered wool dress | lolita short sleeve a-line dress by LosGitanosVintage
vintage 60s Peter Pan by OLEG CASSINI bathing suit | 1960s Bombshell Pin Up one piece swimsuit | 36" bust by LosGitanosVintage
vintage 90s VERSUS Gianni Versace blazer | polka dot print jacket | double breasted silver logo buttons by LosGitanosVintage
70s romper | white and navy collared playsuit | button down with pockets by LosGitanosVintage
RARE vintage 60s DELILL fruits and veggies handbag | straw with snake shoulder bag by LosGitanosVintage