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Milk & Ice

Baltimore, MD
833 W 36th Street
Baltimore, MD 21211

Items from this Store

Some items on this page may no longer be available. Please contact the store directly to verify availability. View the Just Arrived page for the latest items from all of ATTIC's stores.

Vintage Floral Cocktail Dress / 1960s Cocktail Dress / Pink and Black Dress / Pin Up Dress / 1960s Mad Men Dress / Vintage Cocktail Dress by milkandice
Vintage Kimono / Cropped Kimono / Cherry Blossom Kimono / Scalloped Sleeves / Bohemian / Vintage 1970s Kimono / Kimono Robe / Blue Kimono by milkandice
Vintage Bustier / Vintage Plus Sized Halter Top / Plus Sized Bikini Top / Burlesque Top  XL / D Cup Bustier / Red Halter Top XL by milkandice
Vintage Harley Davidson Tshirt / Vintage Womens Harley Tee / Vintage 1980s Harley Tshirt / Fringed Harley Tee / Fringed Harley EagleTee by milkandice
Vintage Lee Denim Carpenter Pants / Denim Carpenter Pants / Vintage Denim Workwear / Workwear Pants / Lee Workwear 33 Waist / Thrashed Denim by milkandice
Vintage 1970s Cotton Top / Billowy Unisex Folky Top / Folky Blouse / Early American Style / Folk Style Top / Billowy Blouse / Renissance by milkandice
1980s Metal Vest / Signed 1980s Anthrax Denim Vest / Hand Painted Heavy Metal Denim Vest / Childs Play / Ratrace / Acid Wash Denim Vest XS by milkandice
White Netted Jacket / Vintage 1960s Top / Formal Netted Jacket / White and Purple Jacket / Off White Netted Jacket by milkandice
Vintage Bruce Springsteen Tunnel of Love 1988 Tour Tshirt / Bruce Springsteen Original 80s Tour Tee / American Tour / Born in the USA by milkandice
Vintage Yes 90125 Tee / Yes 1984 Tour Tee / Original Vintage 1980s Yes World Tour Tee / Sleeveless Rock N Roll Tour Tee Small by milkandice
Vintage Geoff Bodine Tshirt / Vintage Nascar Tee/ 1984 Fast Grand National Victory Tee / Vintage Ringer Tee / Race Car Driver / All Star Tee by milkandice
Vintage Aerosmith Tee / Aerosmith 1986 Tour Tee / Original Vintage 1980s Aerosmith Tee / Sleeveless Rock N Roll Tour Tee Small by milkandice
RESERVED Vintage 1970s Diane Von Furstenberg Gown / Vintage DVF Gown / 1970s Abstract Gown / Formal Gown / 70s Designer Evening Gown by milkandice
Vintage Edwardian Nightgown / White Cotton Nightgown / Edwardian Nightgown / Vintage Undergarment / Victorian Nightgown by milkandice
Vintage 1970s Blouse / Vintage Polo Blouse / Asian Dragon / Asian Print Shirt / Vintage Asian Print Blouse by milkandice
Vintage 1980s Space Camp Movie Tee / Vintage Space Camp Movie Tshirt / Vintage Movie Tshirt / Space Center / Huntsville Alabama Space Center by milkandice
Vintage 1980s Movie Tshirt / Dempsey The Film Tee / Movie Tee / Vintage Movie Tshirt / Vintage Boxer / Bare Knuckle Boxer / Jack Dempsey Tee by milkandice
Vintage 1970s Mr. Bill Tshirt / 1970s Tee / Oh No Mr. Bill / Mr. Bill Tshirt  / Vintage SNL / Clamation Animation Tshirt / Vintage Comedy by milkandice
Vintage 1970s Tshirt / 1970s Tee / Womens International League for Peace and Freedom / Peace Tshirt / Vintage Food Not Bombs Tshirt by milkandice
Vintage 1970s Tshirt / 1970s Tee / Vintage Whole World Celebration Tshirt / Vintage Yellow Ribbed Tshirt / Ribbed Vintage Tee / Hippie Tee by milkandice
Vintage University of Denver Tshirt / University of Denver Tee / Vintage Denver Tshirt / Velva Sheen Vintage Tee / Vintage Denver Colorado by milkandice
Vintage University California Berkeley Tshirt / Vintage Ringer Tshirt / Vintage Ringer Tee / Berkeley Tee / Vintage 1970s University Tshirt by milkandice
Vintage 1980s 2pc Womens Suit / Vintage Houndstooth Pencil Skirt with matching jacket / Womens Suit / Houndstooth Blazer / Bergdorf Goodman by milkandice