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Baltimore, MD
833 W 36th Street
Baltimore, MD 21211

Items from this Store

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Vintage 1950s Bolero / Teal Bolero / 1950s Turquoise Throw / Vintage Accessory by milkandice
Vintage 1970s Dress / 1970s Gene Berk Dress / Gene Berk Maggie Dress / Trippy Vintage Dress / Brick Wall Print Dress / 70s Midi Dress by milkandice
Vintage 1960s Cocktail Dress / Aqua Blue Cocktail Dress / 1960s Party Dress / Blue Mad Men Dress by milkandice
Vintage Cheerleading Outfit / 1960s Knit Cheerleading Sweater / Tennis Skirt / Vintage High School Cheer Outfit / Vintage Athletic Uniform by milkandice
Vintage Yellow Linen Dress / 1940s Shirt Dress / 1940s Wrap Dress / WWII Era Dress / Pale Yellow Linen Dress / Workwear Dress / True Vintage by milkandice
Vintage 1970s Canal Jeans Company Tshirt / Vintage NYC Vintage Shop Tee / NYC History / Vintage NYC The Village / Canal Jean Co T by milkandice
Vintage 1970s Tshirt / Vintage Athletics Tee / Vintage Running Tee / Vintage Track Tshirt / Charleston Illinois Tshirt / Track Meet Tee by milkandice
Vintage Romper / Vintage Jumpsuit / Plaid Romper / 1950s One Piece Playsuit / 50s Bathing Suit / Cotton Playsuit Small / Plaid Romper Small by milkandice
Vintage 1940s Hunting Jacket / Wool Plaid Hunting Jacket / Carters Hunting Jacket / Mens Vintage Winter Coat / Hunting Jacket Medium by milkandice
Womens Vintage WWII Nurse Uniform / 1940s WWII Nurse Uniform / 2 piece  Nurse Uniform / US Military Nurse Uniform  / Nurse by milkandice
Vintage 1970s Tshirt / Vintage Athletics Tee / McKee School Mustangs / Vintage Athletic Tshirt by milkandice
Vintage 1970s Wedding Gown / Ivory Wedding Gown / Vintage Ivory Wedding Gown / 1970s Wedding Dress / Boho Wedding Gown Small by milkandice
Vintage Poncho / Woven Hippie Blouse / Hippie Poncho / Huipil Blouse / Woven Boho Top / Lace Applique by milkandice
Vintage Beach Pajamas / Linen Beach Pajamas with Hood / 1940s Beach Pajamas / 1940s Jumpsuit / Vintage Wide Leg Jumpsuit by milkandice
Vintage Japanese Baseball Jersey / Vintage Hakuzan Baseball Jersey / Vintage Japanese Jersey Small / Japanese Baseball by milkandice
1980s Camp Shirt / Vintage Camp Tshirt / Camp Birch Tee / Vintage 1980s Baseball Tee / Summer 1988 Tee / Retro Baseball Tshirt by milkandice
Vintage Twisted Sister Tshirt / Vintage Baseball Tee / Thrashed Vintage Tee / Dee Snider Tshirt / Twisted Sister Tee Small by milkandice
Vintage Kenny Rogers Tshirt / Kenny Rogers Tee / 1980s Tour Tee / North American Tour 1981 Tshirt / 80s Kenny Rogers Tshirt by milkandice
Black Cocktail Dress / 1950s Cocktail Dress / Vintage 1950s Dress / La Barbara Cocktail Dress / Little Black Dress Small by milkandice
Vintage Western Snap Up / Blue Western Shirt /Western Shirt with Embroidery / Maple Leaf Embroidery / Chainstitched Shirt / 1970s Western by milkandice
Vintage 1970s Tshirt / 1970s Tee / Vintage Waterloo Bluegrass Festival Tee / Broken In Vintage Tee Small by milkandice
Vintage 1960s Leather Jacket / Leather Motorcycle Jacket / Camel Leather Jacket / Tan Orange Leather Jacket XS / Vintage 60s Leather Jacket by milkandice
Vintage 1960s Leather Tunic / Leather Vest / Tunic Vest / Olive Leather Vest / Vintage Hippie Vest / Green Leather Tunic by milkandice