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Baltimore, MD
833 W 36th Street
Baltimore, MD 21211

Items from this Store

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1980s Mickey Mouse Raglan Sweatshirt / California Sweatshirt / 1980s Mickey Mouse Pullover / California Mickey Mouse Crewneck / 80s Crewneck by milkandice
1950s Lace Party Dress / Pink Embroidered Dress / Vintage Party Dress / Pink Fem Dress / 1950s Tea Length Dress by milkandice
Victorian Wool Waistcoat / Mens Vintage Waistcoat / Mens Vintage Vest / Wool Victorian Vest / True Vintage Menswear / Turn of the Century by milkandice
1950s Party Dress / White and Pink Party Dress / Vintage Tulle Party Dress / Sequined 1950s Party Dress / XS 1950s Prom Dress / Vintage Prom by milkandice
1970s Halter Top / Vintage Brown Suede Halter Top / 70s Suede Top / Feather Halter / Beaded Halter Top / Halter Top Small by milkandice
Vintage DOA Tshirt / 1980s DOA Tshirt / Punk / Vintage Punk Rock Tee by milkandice
Black Antique Blouse / Button Up Blouse / Antique Taffeta Top / Black Lace Button Up Crop Top / Antique Top Small / Goth Shirt by milkandice
Vintage 1920s Hair Comb / Two Prong Antique Hair Comb / F & Co Silverite Hair Comb / Vintage Rhinestone Hair Comb / 1920s Wedding Hair Piece by milkandice
Vintage 1900s Hair Comb / Two Prong Antique Hair Comb / 14K Vintage Hair Comb / Vintage Hair Fork / 14K Hair Fork / Vintage Wedding by milkandice
Vintage 1920s Hair Comb / Vintage Celluloid Peineta with Blue Rhinestones / Large Vintage Hair Comb / Vintage Wedding Accessory by milkandice
Egyptian Revival Brooch /  Vintage Silver Buckle / Antique Scarab Brooch / Antique Scarab Buckle / Egyptian Revival Buckle by milkandice
Vintage 1970s Wrap Dress / Blue Wrap Dress / Blue Cocktail Dress / Designer Dress / Italian 1970s Dress / 70s Cocktail Dress by milkandice
Vintage Mary McFadden Bubble Skirt / Formal Evening Skirt / White Silk Skirt / Sequined Skirt / Designer Long Skirt by milkandice
Vintage 1970s Diane Von Furstenberg Gown / Vintage DVF Gown / 1970s Abstract Gown / Formal Gown / 70s Designer Evening Gown by milkandice
Vintage 1970s Maxi Skirt / Linen Maxi Skirt / Psychedelic Print Skirt / Red and White Linen Maxi Skirt / Small Maxi Skirt by milkandice
Vintage 1970s Dress / Striped Dress / Striped Cocktail Dress / 1970s Silk Dress / Silk Striped Dress / Modernist Dress by milkandice
Vintage Kimono / 1960s Kimono / Black Kimono / Black and Red Kimono / Silk Japanese Kimono / Kimono Robe / Cherry Blossom Silk Kimono by milkandice
White Linen Edwardian Nightgown / Longsleeve Nightgown / Antique White Linen Lace Nightgown / True Vintage Nightgown / Turn Of the Century by milkandice
Vintage 1940s Nightgown / Peach Silk Nightgown / Silk Nightgown / Long Silk Nightgown / Vintage Silk Lingerie / Night Gown Dress by milkandice
Womens Vintage WWII Nurse Uniform / 1940s WWII Nurse Uniform /  Nurse Uniform / US Military Nurse Uniform / Uniform w Patches / Nurse by milkandice
Black Velvet Cape / Long Hooded Cape / Black Velvet Evening Cape / Long Black Cloak / Black Velvet Cloak / Heavy Velvet Cloak Medium by milkandice
Edwardian Linen Skirt / Long Ruffed Linen Skirt / White Linen Skirt / Vintage White Linen Skirt / Antique Underskirt / Ruffled Skirt by milkandice
Womens Vintage Wool Military Uniform / 1940s Service Uniform / Green Wool Military Eisenhower Jacket with Matching Skirt / US Army WWII by milkandice