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Milk & Ice

Baltimore, MD
833 W 36th Street
Baltimore, MD 21211

Items from this Store

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1960s Sailor Outfit / Blue Shorts and Sailor Top / 1960s Two Piece Outfit / Handmade Vintage Matched Set / Shorts Large / Sailor Moon by milkandice
1970s Halter Top / Vintage Brown Suede Halter Top / 70s Suede Top / Feather Halter / Beaded Halter Top / Halter Top Small by milkandice
Womens Vintage Wool Military Jacket / 1940s Service Jacket / Green Wool Military Button Down / Eisenhower Jacket / Wool Eisenhower Jacket by milkandice
Vintage 1940s Dress / Cotton Sailor Dress / Navy Blue and White Dress / 1940s Cocktail Dress / 1940s Sailor Dress / Drop Waist Dress / 30s by milkandice
Vintage Athletic Shirt / Longsleeve Athletic Shirt / Vintage Football Jersey / 60s Athletic Shirt / 60s Football Shirt / Red White and Blue by milkandice
Vintage Koala Jacket / Vintage Zip Up Hooded Sweatshirt / Vintage Hawaiian Travel Jacket / Australia Travel Jacket / Koalas by milkandice
Vintage Hawaiian Shirt / Hawaiian Button Down / Neon Pink Shirt / Pink and Yellow Hawaiian Shirt / Vintage 70s Hawaiian Shirt by milkandice
Vintage 1970s Tshirt / 1970s Shakespeare Festival Tshirt / Vintage Colorado Tshirt / Colorado Shakespeare Festival Tee / Retro Tshirt by milkandice
Vintage 1970s Canal Jeans Company Tshirt / Vintage NYC Vintage Shop Tee / NYC History / Vintage NYC The Village / Canal Jean Co T by milkandice
Vintage Summer Dress / Gray Linen Dress / Cute Day Dress / Vintage Day Dress / Vintage Linen Dress Small by milkandice
Vintage Athletic Shirt / Vintage Warrior Pride Tee / Vintage Football Jersey / 1970s Sportswear Tshirt / 1970s Football Jersey / Warrior Tee by milkandice
Edwardian Lawn Dress / Antique Lace Gown / Antique Lawn Dress / Antique Cotton Swiss Dot Lace Dress / Edwardian Era Lawn Gown Small by milkandice
Vintage 90s Santa Cruz Tshirt / Vintage Longsleeve Santa Cruz Tee / 90s Skate Tee / 90s Skateboard Tee / Screaming Hand Santa Cruz Tee by milkandice
Vintage Floral Cocktail Dress / 1960s Cocktail Dress / Pink and Black Dress / Pin Up Dress / 1960s Mad Men Dress / Vintage Cocktail Dress by milkandice
Vintage Nautical Sweater / Anchor Sweater / Vintage Jantzen Sweater / Yacht Rock Sweater / Blue and White Striped Preppy Sweater by milkandice
Vintage 1940s Hunting Jacket / Wool Plaid Hunting Jacket / Carters Hunting Jacket / Mens Vintage Winter Coat / Hunting Jacket Medium by milkandice
Vintage 1970s Tshirt / Vintage Athletics Tee / McKee School Mustangs / Vintage Athletic Tshirt by milkandice
Vintage Lee Denim Jeans / Vintage Striped Jeans / Union Made Lee Jeans / Womens Striped Jeans / Vintage Purple and Black Striped Jeans by milkandice
Vintage 1970s Wedding Gown / Ivory Wedding Gown / Vintage Ivory Wedding Gown / 1970s Wedding Dress / Boho Wedding Gown Small by milkandice
Vintage Japanese Baseball Jersey / Vintage Hakuzan Baseball Jersey / Vintage Japanese Jersey Small / Japanese Baseball by milkandice
1980s Camp Shirt / Vintage Camp Tshirt / Camp Birch Tee / Vintage 1980s Baseball Tee / Summer 1988 Tee / Retro Baseball Tshirt by milkandice
Vintage Bustier / Vintage Plus Sized Halter Top / Plus Sized Bikini Top / Burlesque Top  XL / D Cup Bustier / Red Halter Top XL by milkandice
Turn of the Century Wedding Gown / Antique White Cotton Gown / Antique Lace Wedding Gown / Edwardian Victorian Lawn Gown / Antique Lawn Gown by milkandice