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Baltimore, MD
833 W 36th Street
Baltimore, MD 21211

Items from this Store

Some items on this page may no longer be available. Please contact the store directly to verify availability. View the Just Arrived page for the latest items from all of ATTIC's stores.

Vintage 1970s Space Tshirt / Best in the Universe Tee / Vintage Space Tee / 1970s Space Museum Tee / Vintage 70s Constellation Tshirt by milkandice
Vintage Plaid Cotton Skirt / Plaid Spring Skirt / Vintage Plaid Skirt Small / Vintage Farm Skirt / Vintage Prairie Skirt Small by milkandice
Vintage 1940s Half Apron / Vintage Apron / 1940s Floral Apron / Vintage Cotton Apron / Vintage Apron / 1940s Apron by milkandice
Edwardian Crochet Top Nightgown / Antique Under Dress / Antique Cotton Slip / Antique Night Gown / Hand Dyed Dress / Lace Cotton Dress by milkandice
Vintage 1960s Half Apron / Vintage Apron / 1960s Floral Apron / Vintage Cotton Apron / Vintage Apron / Reversible Apron / Formal Apron by milkandice
Vintage 1980s Ocean Pacific Tshirt / OP Tee / Retro Tshirt / Oranges Tee / Sun Ripened Oranges Tshirt / California Vintage Tshirt / OP Tee by milkandice
Vintage 1950s Winter Holiday Dress / Tapestry Dress / Vintage Cocktail Dress / Winter Holiday Dress / Winter Cocktail Dress / Brown Dress by milkandice
Vintage 1970s Pucci Maxi Skirt / Designer Vintage Skirt / Long Vintage Skirt / Floral Pucci Skirt / Pucci Maxi Skirt Small / 70s Designer by milkandice
Vintage Cotton Romper / Vintage Cotton Playsuit / Floral Romper / Vintage Bathingsuit / Floral Cotton Romper / True Vintage One Piece by milkandice
Vintage 1930s Evening Gown / Black Evening Gown / Long Black Evening Gown / Antique Evening Gown / Swiss Dot Dress / Black Wedding Gown by milkandice
Vintage Cotton Dress / Cotton Polka Dot Dress / Vintage Sailor Dress / Indigo dyed Dress / Hand Dyed Sailor Dress / Ruffle Sailor Dress S by milkandice
Vintage 1980s Prairie Skirt / Mini Floral Prairie Skirt / Vintage Eyelet Lace Skirt / Vintage Farm Skirt / Cotton Eyelet Skirt Large by milkandice
Vintage 1950s Cocktail Dress / Black Chiffon Cocktail Dress / Chiffon Cocktail Dress / Vintage Cocktail Dress / Black Lace Cocktail Dress by milkandice
Vintage 1970s Knit Cape / 1970s Knit Poncho / Vintage Plaid Woven Cape / Vintage 1970s Poncho by milkandice
Vintage 1960s Cocktail Dress / Lace Dress / Vintage 60s Lace Dress / Vintage Drop Waist Dress / Black Skirt / Vintagge Dress Medium by milkandice
Vintage Anchor Steam Beer Tee / Retro Beer Tshirt / 1980s Anchor Steam Brewing Company Tee / Vintage San Francisco Tee / Vintage Henley by milkandice
Bright Orange Vintage 1970s Knit Cape / 1970s Knit Poncho / Vintage Plaid Woven Cape / Vintage 1970s Poncho by milkandice
Vintage 1970s Shirt Dress / Vintage Dress Medium / Vintage Day Dress 12 / Bamboo Print Dress / Shirt Dress with Belt / Vintage 70s Dress by milkandice
Vintage 1970s Polock Johnnys Ringer Tshirt / Polish Sausage Tshirt / Vintage Boardwalk Tee / Boardwalk Ringer Tee / Polock Johnnys Tshirt by milkandice
Vintage Military Tshirt / Vintage Military Tee / Broken In Tee / Vintage Thrashed Tshirt / Broken In Vintage / Worn In Tee  / Thrashed by milkandice
Baltimore Orioles Tshirt / Vintage Baltimore Orioles Tee / Vintage 1990s Baseball Tee / 1992 Baseball Tee / Baltimore Orioles Tshirt / 90s by milkandice
Vintage 1960s College Tshirt / Vintage College Shirt / 1960s Liberal Arts College / Vintage Hiram Scott College Tshirt / Vintage Nebraska by milkandice
Vintage Minnesota Tshirt / 1980s Minnesota Tee / Vintage Minnesota Tshirt / Green Soft Broken In Tee / Vintage Tshirt Large by milkandice