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Hyattsville, MD

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The Crystal Kingdom Assemblage Necklace [pink tourmaline, vintage fuse] by nonasuch
Multicolor Bakelite Diamonds Necklace by nonasuch
1950s Blue & Green Rhinestone Brooch by nonasuch
1930s Rhinestone and Brass Necklace by nonasuch
1930s Multicolor Rhinestone & Enamel Floral Brooch by nonasuch
Gold & Glitter Assemblage Necklace [vintage earring, vintage rhinestones, freshwater pearl, vintage chain] by nonasuch
Moonstone Melody Assemblage Necklace [moonstone, apatite, vintage pendant & chain] by nonasuch
Antique Edwardian Stylized Art Nouveau Sterling Silver Butterfly Brooch by nonasuch
Antique Edwardian Stylized Art Nouveau Sterling Silver Butterfly Brooch by nonasuch
Snow Day Embroidery pattern - victorian  / queen anne house with turret by nonasuch
Time and Tide Assemblage Necklace [vintage pendant, watch face, turquoise, pearls, lucky penny] by nonasuch
Charmed I'm Sure Assemblage Necklace [vintage charms, bar chain] by nonasuch
First Class Traveler Assemblage Necklace [vintage rhinestones, freshwater pearl] by nonasuch
Rough Moments Assemblage Necklace [vintage watch faces, quartz, amethyst] by nonasuch
Voice of History Assemblage Necklace [vintage pendant, moonstone, gold-filled chain] by nonasuch
Fly To The City Assemblage Necklace [turquoise, pearl, carved bone, vintage charms] by nonasuch
Pawnee: It's Safe to Be Here Now! Embroidery Pattern by nonasuch
Moonstone, Amethyst & Labradorite Drop Earrings by nonasuch
Beach City Collection: Fusion Earrings [garnet, amethyst, sugilite] by nonasuch
Moonstone & Apatite Drop Earrings by nonasuch
Look at them, Anakin! Embroidery Pattern by nonasuch
As a Button Assemblage Necklace [vintage buttons, freshwater pearl, pink jade] by nonasuch
Square Roots Assemblage Necklace [vintage buttons, amazonite, citrine, vintage chain] by nonasuch