Thanks for Partying

ATTIC's launch party was held on June 4, 2015 at Miss Pixie's in Washington, DC. Attendees included owners and staff from many of the area's used and vintage furniture stores, as well as professionals from the real estate, interior decorating, design and fashion industries. Journalists and well-known bloggers were also joined by a total of approximately 150 other interested supporters.

ATTIC would like to thank the fourteen stores that contributed door prizes for the event, listed below. Important thanks to Sara Curtin and the Bachelor & the Bad Actress for music; to Cork Market and Tasting Room for wine tasting and support; and to BakeHouse for providing additional snacks. A very special thank you to Pixie Windsor and Joani Maher of Miss Pixie's for support at every level, including the space.

The unique event celebrated local independent businesses and the launch of ATTIC, a new website to help you find the most wonderful vintage, antique and restored furniture around DC. From midcentury to shabby chic, ATTIC features the latest items from 35+ local stores and designers, updated daily.

Awarding door prizes from Washington DC furniture stores
Sara Curtin performs at ATTIC launch party
The Bachelor and the Bad Actress perform at the ATTIC launch party

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