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Chrysler Necklace
Chrysler Necklace
Chrysler Earrings
Guardian Earrings Petite
Guardian Necklace [The Guardian Building]
Guardian Earrings Pendant
Pei.ramids Necklace Petite [National Gallery of Art]
Pei.ramids Necklace [National Gallery of Art]
Pei.ramids Pendant Earrings [National Gallery of Art]
Treppe Earrings [Heurich House]
Treppe Necklace [Heurich House]
Pei.ramids Tie Clip [National Gallery of Art]
La Dame de Fer Earrings [Eiffel Tower]
Facets Tie Clip [1WTC]
Cour Necklace Petite [The Louvre]
Half Past Earrings [Big Ben Clock Tower]
Half Past Necklace Petite [Big Ben Clock Tower]
Half Past Necklace [Big Ben Clock Tower]
La Dame de Fer Necklace [Eiffel Tower]
X Marks the Spot Tie Clip [Hancock Center]
Corona Lapel Pin [NMAAHC]
Occhio Earrings [The Pantheon]
Cour Earrings [The Louvre]